Since 1938, the Junior Women’s Association has endeavored to support the Tulsa Boys’ Home through unique and meaningful fundraising efforts. Our goal is to mobilize the caring support of our community in order to help the Tulsa Boys’ Home achieve its mission: to provide the highest quality residential care for young boys needing placement outside their home, for the purpose of developing well-adjusted, responsible adults and strengthening the family.

Each year, JWA hosts the Buttercup Bash. Not only is Buttercup Bash Tulsa’s best Valentine’s Day party, it has also grown to become the largest source of monetary support provided by JWA. Christmas Card sales provide a way for the community to give back to a worthy cause through corporate and personal holiday greetings. The Adopt-A-Boy program was designed to provide Christmas gifts to every child at the Tulsa Boys’ Home and has brightened the holiday season for each TBH resident since its establishment in 2011. The Tulsa Boys’ Home 5K has been a healthy a way to provide extra funding to the Boys’ Home going on three years now!11665704_1007928895892919_2527553465811636024_n

All donations benefit the Tulsa Boys’ Home, a non-profit organization. Your donation is recognized under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable contribution. As a result, the full amount of your donations qualifies for the deduction for state and federal tax purposes.