Who am I?

I’m the boy who got up early one morning

and found my mother’s body stiff and cold.
I’m the boy who had to eat from the trash dumpster
My mom will come for me soon.
I’m the boy who lost my parents, but I got substitute parents
It’s not all bad I can still see out of my right eye.
I’m the boy that my uncle taught to be a girl
The tears will heal and the taste will dissipate.
Who am I?

I’m the boy that cries at night
Someday the loneliness will end.
I’m the boy that people say is really ugly,
But when I get big people will stop making fun of me.
I’m the boy who was left to care for my brother and sister
She came back 6 months later.
I’m the boy he used for an ashtray
The scars are not too bad.
Who am I?

I’m the boy who ran to mom for a hug
she was just too busy.
I’m the boy that loves his father
even as I saw his back as he walked away.
I’m the boy who sat in the truck with my blanket
as mommy worked the graveyard shift.
I’m the boy that hid in my room and covered my ears
He is beating her again.
Who am I?

I’m the boy who can’t sit still in class
just can’t concentrate, what’s the point anyway.
I’m the boy that steals what I can
who else will meet my needs.
I’m the boy who annoys those around me
negative attention is better than none.
I’m the boy that sneaks all the sweets I can
I need to feel good.
Who am I?

I am not the football captain
no one believes in me.
I am not the honor roll student
What will it be like when I get home.
I’m not the student body President
Look at the clothes I wear.
I’m not the boy who mows your lawn
but I will gladly take your money.
Who am I?

I am no longer a victim
I am the captain of my own ship
I am a victor in life
I am a Doctor
I am a lawyer
I am no longer alone.
Who am I?

I’m a Tulsa Boy’s Home resident.

Clint Anderson

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